Mounted and Hung by Andrene Low

Andrene Low Mounted and Hung Cover

(Excess Baggage series Volume 2)

Jennie’s life has always been planned to the nth degree, but no amount of planning could have prepared her for losing the one she loved. She’d grieved, according to plan, and is moving on.

Actually, travelling to England is a hangover from Plan A. An addendum. A sub-clause she couldn’t let go of. It’s what Steve would have wanted. Wasn’t it?

She and her best friend, Samantha, had had an interesting time in Australia, and now they’re in London, things are sure to get even more exciting. For one thing Jennie falls back on her long-ignored artistic talents as a means of making money. Painting portraits of the spoiled mutts Sam is making outfits for pays far better than an office job.

Things are still going according to plan, at least in spirit, until she runs into Rupert Smythe-Brown, a Hooray Henry who’s missing a chin. Then any guidelines, addendums and sub-clause, paragraph 3.4s are thrown out the window. From being someone who’s always backed away from confrontation, Jennie turns feral, with hilarious results.

And then there’s Mark, who doesn’t know when to quit.

Jennie hasn’t planned on him at all.

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