Vault Agency Series by Jean Gilbert

Shifters (A Vault Agency Novel Book 1)

Where the past is their mission

And the future their destiny

At Vault Agency, time follows a different set of rules. Giving up their former timescience_fiction_final_frontlines for a higher purpose, the illusive agents who work there set about ‘fixing the past for the betterment of the future,’ using the powerful mainframe of the Vault to shift back and forth across time right under the noses of the unsuspecting

From the moment Sharra Lane, their newest recruit, came in contact with the Agency, unexplainable things started to happen, and life became anything, but safe.

Now with the Agency out of balance, and an inside enemy on the loose, Sharra must find a way to make it right, or risk losing what she desires the most.

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Ardus (A Vault Agency Novel Book 2)

The sting of a poisoned dart,

The stab of a treacherous knife,

Will only lead to death.



Though J.D. Dash is dead, Sharra Lane’s troubles are far from over. When Sharra uncovers a secret identity of one of her fellow agents, little does she know that when forced to reveal it, it will save her, yet condemn her. For that knowledge holds untold power, and there are those on Ardus who will do anything to keep it hidden- even kill.

Follow the Vault Agency team as the continuation of the search for Sharra’s nemesis takes them to the future, to Ardus, where family treachery runs even deeper than Sharra could ever imagine.

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The Vault (A Vault Agency Novel Book 3)

The hunt has started.
The prey is on the run.

Something is wrong with the Vault. Trouble is brewing between longtime partners, and it is only getting worse. If Lazarus, the Head Director, doesn’t figure out how to relieve the tension soon, his worst fear-that of mutiny-may become a reality.

Then there is Sharra Lane’s brother, Greyson. With her agrylium discs repaired, Sharra sets out to her past timeline to look for clues as to the origin of her brother’s aggressive behavior, only to discover that Greyson’s obsessive desire to destroy her runs deeper than she had thought possible.

When Sharra and the Vault team set out to stop Greyson, little do they know that their ‘interference’ will put in motion a wheel of events that will not only set her past on its fixed course, but ultimately, drive the future of the Vault to an unimaginable end.

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