Raw Spirit by Pat Whitaker

Raw Spirit cover

Facing a reality that undermined everything he believed in, Sean needed answers. Answers that would reconcile his mind and clear him of the woman’s death.

The truth taught him that what the eye sees and the mind believes are not one. Maddie taught him that no passage through life is without it’s doors.

“Sean, unable to sleep in the hot, close conditions of the previous night, had gone out into the passage seeking some cooler, fresher air. At three minutes past three he had stood outside his door and looked up the passage to the window at the end, a window that—if he remembered correctly—led to the first floor fire escape. There was nobody about and the hotel was silent. He glanced towards the stair at the other end of the passage then turned back to the window.

He was confronted by a young woman. He physically started. She had literally appeared from nowhere and without a sound. She was walking towards Sean, and he muttered an embarrassed greeting. Nothing. She just continued down the passage as if he wasn’t there. Then Sean noticed that she was pale and insubstantial, almost like a holographic projection in white light. He stood transfixed, unable to reconcile what he was seeing when, to his horror, she passed straight through him. He spun around, only to see her take another step then vanish as abruptly as she had appeared.

Sean was a rational man, a logical man, and what he had witnessed cut him to the core. In a daze he retreated to his room and sat on the edge of his bed. He did not believe in spiritual manifestations, did not believe in ghosts. He did not believe in life after death, the existence of a soul—other than as a component of our psyche—or any form of God.

But he had to believe what he had seen. He had not been dreaming and he was not hallucinating. He had seen a ghost. It did not matter how many times he ran the events of the night through his head, where he looked for a logical explanation, he could not escape from it. He had seen a ghost.”

RRP $25

“… has cleverly embedded an answer to one of life’s’ great enigmas.”

“… breathes new life into the crime fiction genre. Pat has his own style, refreshing and often dryly humorous, which, combined with a raft of believable characters and puzzling undercurrents, has produced “a jolly good read”.

“Yet another good novel to follow on from the others. A well constructed theory on another taboo subject. (very clever).”

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