Of a Note in a Cosmic Song (series) by Nonen Titi

The planet DJar is overpopulated.

The solution: Start a colony on the only other inhabitable planet within reach.

But with each of the colonists determined to have their own idea of a perfect society realized, and a planet with an alien ecology, they soon discover that it takes more than just space technology to start a new life.

Part One: DJar

The inhabitan97809922537_07_DJar[1]ts of the planet DJar are faced with a choice: Stay on their home world with all its flaws or risk the dangers of becoming one of the colonists to an alien planet.

Who gets to decide who stays and who goes?

Does Daili have the right to decide for her children?

Will convicts accept being shipped off into space?

And as Benjamar is nearing the legal age limit of sixty-five years old, is the risk of dying tomorrow worth the chance to live a bit longer?

 Part Two: SJilai

97809922537_52_SJilai[1]SJilai, meaning destiny, is the spacekabin that will carry the colonists from DJar to their new home planet.
It’s a luxurious transport, the fastest ship the Bijari have ever built – designed as an inverted planet with ‘real’ daylight, artificial plants to produce their food, and three miniature cities on the inner shell of the massive hull.
And yet, the whole thing is no more than a speck travelling at breakneck speeds through space.

For Aryan, the pilot, this is the greatest adventure of his life, but for Daili and Benjamar, four years of mediating between passengers will prove to be just as challenging.

Part Three: Kun DJar

It97809941077_01_Kun_DJar[1] had seemed so easy, to return to ‘the simple life’, learn old trades and live in a town run on windmills and hydro-electric power.

But when their new planet turns out to have no natural resources – no wood to build houses or fires, no river strong enough to run the turbines – and the storms are bigger, the winters four times longer than at home, can the colonists of Kun DJar hope to keep their spirits up, if they can survive at all?

Part Four: Treyak

9780473172688_Treyak[1]An expedition leaves for the other side of the continent in search of a good place to start a second settlement. On the way they are enchanted by the diversity of Kun DJar’s flora and fauna, much of which seems to have a mind of its own.

The colonists are slowly learning to accept that they are alien guests on this planet and that they had best behave as such if they want to survive. The new challenge – the treyak: To be accepted by Kun DJar herself.

Part Five: Kelot

9780473179458_Kelot[1]Kelot is the name Aryan plans to give the kabin that will sail the seas of Kun DJar and explore the planet. But before he can start building it, the colonists are forced to address everything they have taken for granted so far, both in their relationships with each other and their place in the larger cosmos.

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