Silvana (Greening & Turning) by Belinda Mellor

Silvana – the Greening

Once heard, the song of a Silvana can never be forgotten.

Yet for every man who wins such a wife
there are three destroyed in the attempt.

Silvana the greening

Fabiom of Deepvale dreams of winning the love of a Silvana, one of the mysterious and powerful tree spirits who haunt the deepest groves of the wildwood. But when he is suddenly thrown into the political arena and expected to keep the family silk business running, everything changes. Fabiom fears he will have to put aside his dream, for such a quest is perilous and Deepvale cannot afford to lose its young lord.
However, the piece of amber he finds beneath the huge ash tree could change his mind. If one of the Silvanii is upset enough to weep golden tears at the thought of losing him, then presenting himself on the eve of his seventeenth birth-anniversary might not be so dangerous after all.
What Fabiom does not know, is that the fiercely guarded secrets of silk-making have been sold abroad, putting more than the economic stability of his holding at risk; it was the Silvanii who first gifted Morene’s people with those secrets, and they do not take kindly to betrayal.

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Silvana – the Turning (sequel)

The seasons turn; Turning and Greening and one
more Turning and Lesandor will reach manhood.

Though I would keep him at home forever, I must not.
He has hardly any friends his own age; he is forever in the woods.

Silvana the turning

Lesandor of Deepvale, human son of a Silvanan mother, wants nothing less than the life his father, Fabiom, enjoys: to be loved by one of the beautiful and powerful Tree Ladies and to spend as much time in the Wildwood of Deepvale as possible.
First he must discharge the debt incurred when the heir of Windwood lost his mind attempting the very same quest. But Lesandor is very much his mother’s son, and while his grace and talents win him friends, they also bring trouble his way. Enamoured with his ‘guest’, the new holder of Windwood is very reluctant to let Lesandor return home at all.
As Lesandor’s life begins to unravel, he makes one, final, desperate attempt to reclaim control of his destiny. It is a decision that will face his father with an impossible dilemma: must Fabiom sacrifice his only child, or commit the ultimate atrocity?

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