Barking Death Squirrels by Douglas A. van Belle

“We cannot win a fight against them … I have seen them rip through an army of men like an incarnation of the Grim Reaper’s scythe.”


In a far distant future, humans have become the rodents of the galaxy. Infesting the walls of nearly every ship that trades across the stars, thriving at the bottom of the gravity wells that are too deep for the massive predatory species that rule the sky, the occupy a precarious niche as neither predator not prey. But the place of humans in the galactic civilization is the furthest thing from Constance’s mind. Driven to the point of despair by a crusty old boss who is so infuriating he might very well be the embodiment of the universe’s perfect jackass, she is overwhelmed by the demands of her engineering apprenticeship. She has no reason to think that the aliens on incoming ship want anything more than to barter some cheap machine parts from the vermin they derisively call barking squirrels. None of the big uglies would ever be subject themselves to the discomfort of a full G. At least … they never had before.

a complex, thoughtful novel which will leave the reader pondering our future”                                                          – Phillip Mann

transcends the familiar paradigm”                – Stephen R. Donaldson

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