A Reassuring Guide to Self Publishing by Bev Robitai

New Zealand edition


A guide that tells you how to self publish in the simplest, cheapest way possible. It’s for people who sometimes struggle with their computer, and don’t have a limitless budget to spend on professional services to get their book published.

The self-publishing process isn’t hard but it can be intimidating the first time, so this guide holds your hand right through every step explaining what to do.
It doesn’t assume you’re an expert so it covers the basics, keeping things as straightforward as possible. It doesn’t teach you how to write, just to publish. If you’ve got a finished book manuscript but don’t know what to do next, the answers are here.

Once you have a polished, edited and proof read book file, going through the steps in this guide can put a print copy of your book in your hands in a couple of weeks and make it available worldwide in any format – hard copy or ebook.

It covers things you didn’t know you didn’t know, like the legal requirements of mandatory deposit in the country where you live whether it’s the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. There are tips on pricing and promotion, bar codes and taxation, ISBNs, and all those behind-the-scenes elements that go into publishing a book.
No wild promises of riches, just an easy-to-follow guide to get you started.

Buy Now RRP $25

“I’ve just finished it and it’s fabulous. Just what someone like me can use.”
Jenny Harrison, author

7 x 0.2 x 10 inches
Paperback: 68 pages


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