Sweet As by Sweet As project

Contemporary Short Stories

Sweet As

Sweet as is a widely used New Zealand expression that means anything from better than good to okay to cool or even awesome.

Sometimes it simply means yes.

We think you’ll find these contemporary short stories by New Zealand writers ‘sweet as’ in every sense of the phrase.

All proceeds from this collection go to IHC Wellington, which provides services to people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Sweet as!

Author contributors

Kate Mahony
Linda Bennett
Gay Buckingham
Celia Coyne
Janis Freegard
Lilla Csorgo
Anahera Gildea
Vivienne Joseph
Wes Lee
Vivienne Ball
Jo Randerson
Rachel Marr
David Mason
Frances Cherry
Rebecca Styles
Lawrence Patchett
Kay Meyer
Wendy Moore
Janet Nixon
Margaret Orange
Debbie Newlove
Deb Potter
Blair Polly
B.L. Stocker
Holly Painter
Maggie Rainer-Smith
Kathy Sewell
Paula Slack
Brindi Joy


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  1. Awesome, do you sell it at the store?

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