Dreams of Thanatos by William Cook

Collected Macabre Tales.  CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

Dreams of Thanatos

Dreams of Thanatos is a collection of macabre short fiction from William Cook, the author of the novel Blood Related. Deaons, murderers and ghosts roam these pages although the most horrifying aspect Cook describes, is the dark soul of humanity.
Whether writing about the horrors of modern life, or things that go ‘bump in the night,’ Cook’s writing is always “intense” and often “visceral” in his portrayl of the macabre.
Included in thei collection of fifteen stores is a novellete (Dead and Buried) and the orgin story (Legacy: The Eternal Now and Thereafter) behind the novel, Blood Related.

“This man is simply scary. There is both a clinical and a heartfelt emtional thoroughness to his writing. He manages to shock as well as emphathize, to scare as well as acclimatize, yet beneath it all is a well read intelligence that demands to be engaged. I loved Blood Related. Ordinarily I hate serial killer stories, but William Cook won me over. He is a unique and innovative talent.”
– Joe McKinney, author of Flesh Eaters and Dog Days

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