The Blountmere Street Series by Barbara Arnold

He Called Me Son (Book 1)

He called me son

At the age of twelve, Tony Addington is forcibly transported from everything that is familiar to him in London to New Zealand, as part of The British Government’s Child Migration Programme to populate the colonies with “good stock”.

A tyrannical farmer puts him to work as unpaid labour on his remote farm in the foothills of the South Island. Years pass, but Tony determines to hold on to his memories, which eventually lead him to the truth.

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The Best in Blountmere Street (Book 2)

Blountmere Sreet

Paula Dibble is the most privileged and best-dressed girl in Post-War slum Blountmere Street. She is also alienated and lonely. It makes Paula the least likely person to develop the strength of character she later needs to survive her journey into womanhood.




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There is a Time (Book 3)

There is a time

It is a hot, airless New Year’s Day in the remote South Island of New Zealand when Tony Addington miraculously encounters his Blountmere Street neighbours, Fred, Lori and Paula. After reuniting with his family in England, he grapples with where he belongs. Together with Paula he returns to New Zealand which he had once thought of as a prison. They dedicate themselves to finding four former child migrants and to helping them discover their families, as Tony had his. All the while clouds of danger and intrigue are thickening. There is a time …

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