The Ghosts of Tarawera by Sue Copsey

The Ghosts of Tarawera set in the middle of New Zealand’s North Island (Spooky Adventures Book 2)

On holiday near Rotorua, Joe and Eddie are fascinated by the area’s bubbling mud pools and boiling geysers. Local volcanologist Rocky tells them about the Pink and White Terraces that existed on the lake where theyGhosts of Tarawera‘re staying, and how they were destroyed in the cataclysmic 1886 eruption of Mount Tarawera.

But Joe’s fascination turns to unease when strange sightings on the lake and dark rumblings from the Earth hint that the volcano is awakening. Can he persuade Rocky, who puts his faith only in science, to sound a warning?

The past reaches out to touch the present in this spooky adventure story from the author of The Ghosts of Young Nick’s Head.

Read it at night if you dare …

Buy Now RRP $20

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