Regan’s Reach Series by Mark G Brewer

Regan’s Reach (Book 1) 


Young Kiwi tech entrepreneur, Regan Stein, has just sold ten percent of her company for a massive price. The buyer, aerospace and defence giant USDynamics wants a share of Arteis, her new cyber defence system.Regan's Reach

Washed out from negotiations and cash rich Regan decides to take a long planned break and to disappear for six months and freshen up her thinking. Tramping off track, at the top of New Zealand’s South Island, she accepts a desperate anonymous call for help. Doing the right thing finds her the rescuer of a comatose man, human but yet strangely alien. Within hours her life has changed.

While in orbit she finds out traitorous moves have been made against her company by foreign business powers. Unable to do anything about it she embarks on the journey of a lifetime while leaving her trusted team to deal with the attack at home.

Will she survive the trip across the galaxy? How will her friends deal with the threats? Will her company survive the attack? And who would want to be in Regan Stein’s sights if she returns at all?

Orbital Envy (Regan’s Reach Book 2)

Regan Stein, twenty eight years old and already a legend. Her Hillary Station Orbital project is steaming ahead and all the big nations want in, but on their own terms. She’s having none of it, but some countries will stop Orbital envyat nothing to gain control.

The station, or ‘The Pipe’ as it is popularly known, is growing rapidly, floating between Earth and Moon. It’s just moon graffiti to some, while to others it is the hoped for launching pad to the solar system. Are the ‘powers that be’ prepared to play by Regan’s rules?

However, the past comes back to haunt her and when the Corans from Gliese 667 turn up to chase her down some on Earth see their opportunity to grab Hillary Station while they can. Will they succeed? And what will Regan, Marin, her team and her AI partner Ham do to restore order?

Is she really just a murderess, a marauder who spread chaos in the peaceful system of another species? Or is there more to the story that her detractors don’t know?

Nothing, as usual, will ever be the same.

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