Battle of the Birds by Lee Murray

Blending fact and fiction in a fantastic action‐adventure for children and young adults, Battle of the Birds by award winning author, Lee Murray, explores New Zealand’s varied birdlife, flight and migration, democracy, early medicine, and most of all, friendship.

Battle of the birds

Annie’s family has moved to Wisconsin, and with her only friend away in Florida for the holidays, 11 year‐old Annie faces a long, boring summer. She lies on an eagle‐shaped hill and daydreams of home. Imagine her shock when the eagle breaks free from the earth and flies her home to New Zealand! But it’s not a New Zealand Annie is familiar with, and when she and her new friend Moana almost walk smack into a giant moa, Annie realizes why. The eagle has flown her back to New Zealand, but she’s arrived a thousand years too early, and right in the midst of a battle between the birds. However, Annie’s visit isn’t entirely unexpected…she can speak the language of the birds and is part of an ancient prophecy. Now she must mediate in a battle between the great bird chieftains: the violent and vengeful Te Hokioi and the thoughtful philosopher, Moa. Suddenly, Annie’s summer doesn’t look so boring after all!

Can Annie and her friends help the flightless overcome the flying predators led by ambitious Te Hokioi? Will the gentle Moa survive to live on in history? And will Annie ever make it back to Wisconsin?

RRP $15

This book has been reviewed by one of our readers – read the review.

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