Mesquite Smoke-Dance by Andrew Grant

A brutal, sadistic serial killer is stalking Texan cyberspace, selecting victims for a death so bloody, it has earned the killer the media sobriquet ‘The Gynecologist’.


Mac Benton, Inspector for the Texas division of the National Homicide Task Force is the officer in charge of the investigation. Benton, a recovering alcoholic with definite suicidal tendencies describes himself as FUBF (Fucked Up But Functioning). As he attempts to bring the killer to justice, he must fight his own demons along the way, his new partner, Karen Falcone, and a woman named Juanita Cortesta threaten to complicate his life even further.

From the sophisticated city of Austin, through hundreds of miles of Texas nothingness and across the Rio Grande onto the badlands of Mexico, Mesquite Smoke-Dance is a hard bitten psychological thriller with more twists than a sidewinder’s sand trail. The ending will leave you stunned.

RRP $25

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