Lost in the Museum by Phoenix Writers

Fantasy stories set in Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand’s national museum.

Lost in the museum

Get lost in the museum where past, present and future collide. What does Weta’s giant mechanical baby do after hours? Who is altering the time space continuum? Where or when has James gone? And what secrets is Tui Merriweather hiding?

Dive into mayhem at a well-known Wellington waterfront destination. Going to the museum will never be the same again.

Sir Julius Vogel Award winner for Best Collected Work 2015


Editors: Tui Merriweather/A.J. Ponder
Sub Editors: Lorraine Williams & Eileen Mueller

Phoenix Writers:

Phillip Mann
Lyn McConchie
Tim Jones
Glynne MacLean
Lorraine Williams
Tracie McBride
Rob Campbell
Lillian Hetet
Jenny Hammond
John Homes
Eileen Mueller
Jeena Murphy
A.J. Ponder
Vic Scott
Jean Stevens

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