Regeneration edited by Anna Caro and Juliet Bucanan

Some things are gone forever; but that is not the end. There are new lives to be lived, new discoveries to be made, changes to be fought for, enjoyed, or feared.


Experience worlds where existence continues beyond death and much-wanted babies become something else entirely. Where humanity endures in hostile environments, societies adapt to new challenges and inventions, and strange creatures live secretly among us. Travel from a curiously altered Second World War to other universes at the end of time, taking in diverse visions of New Zealand and worlds beyond along the way.

Regeneration, the second volume of New Zealand Speculative Fiction from Random Static, presents 22 original works of science fiction and fantasy by Kiwi authors. Stories of loss and renewal, of fantastic technology and mysterious transformations, of supernatural predators and survivors building new futures. Life always goes on, but seldom the way you’d expect…

Featuring stories by

Matt Cowens
Tim Jones
Mary Brock Jones
O.J. Cade
Grace Bridges
I.K. Paterson-Harkness
Kylie Thorne
Debbie Cowens
J.C. Hart
Jennifer Compton
Simon Petrie
Anna Smith
Rebecca Harris
Elizabeth Gatens
Jonathan James Todd
A.J. Fitzwater
Fran Atkinson
Anna Caro
Dan Rabarts
Lee Murray
Grant Stone
Toni Wi

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