Forget Me Not by Rosamunde Irons-Read

Love in the Time of Dementia – Currently out of stock

Forget me not

Rod and Rosamunde Read’s journey is a story of love and devotion. It is also a story of strong emotions – anger, frustration, distress, joy, acceptance and learning. As well as being a very personal story, it is an important and valuable guide for care givers – doctors, nurses, rest home workers – who have the challenging and critical task of helping patients through their journey with Alzheimers and other forms of dementia.

Forget Me Not gives wonderful insights into the many aspects of the progressive decline from good health to a very different world and the inevitable consequences for those who care and love the patient.

“This personal story and learnings from the journey of a wife caring for her husband contains important messages for all of us.” – Professor Barry Taylor, Dean Dunedin School of Medicine, University of Otago.

“As a nurse, I think that anybody with a family member suffering from dementia should read Forget Me Not.” – Fiona Wilton

RRP $35

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2 Responses to Forget Me Not by Rosamunde Irons-Read

  1. Sharon says:

    Where do I buy your book. Forget me not.


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