To Catch a Butterfly by Barrie Allom

How many parents have exclaimed, “What did we do to have a child like this?” To Catch a Butterfly is a book about relationships, specifically the relationship between parent and daughter. Equally, it could be viewed as a bookTo catch which explores the relationship from the daughter’s point of view: “How come I got parents like this?”

In this book Barrie Allom writes candidly of a much loved, bu not always understood, daughter – one who, like he did, walked outside the frame of conventionality, leaving a trail of heart-searching questions.

To Catch a Butterfly is an honest and sensitive account of a parent’s struggle to understand a young woman emerging into adulthood. But, as the author says, “This book does not promise slick answers or quick fixes; it simply offers companionship to others on the pathway.”

Buy Now RRP $30

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