Kaipara Trilogy by Kate Stirling

 Yates’ Landing (Book 1)

Yates Landing

When Chloe Mainwell, the pampered only child of an ambitious British politician goes to France for her debut into society, she discovers life to be far more unbelievable than she could ever have imagined.

After leaving France and marrying ‘under a cloud’ her arrival in New Zealand at the turn of the 20th century leaves her in no doubt of how different and how difficult life can be.
From a papered child to a strong woman, her metamorphosis is complete as she discovers there is strength and support aplenty where she least expects it.

Yates’ Landing is a romantic novel set on the Kaipara Harbour against a background of historical events of the period.
RRP $32

Thunder Children (Book 2)

Thunder children

Her memories of her childhood on the wretched gum-fields of the Northern Wairoa have a lasting effect on the original Thunder Child, Jessica Jackson. An only child who loses her mother at a very early age, she grows up obsessed with feelings of poverty and loss. Her efforts to protect her own children from such deprivation become her downfall; her strong character leading her into strife along the way as she tries to influence events that are actually beyond her control.

Thunder Children is set on the Kaipara Harbour and the surrounding districts against a background of New Zealand history.

RRP $32

Shark Harbour (Book 3)


Will Cray’s hermit-like existence is changed forever when Eve Langley arrives on the scene. Her curiosity, his love of the Kaipara
and their mutual interest in the migratory birds lead them to unearth the answers to several mysteries in their lives.

Shark Harbour is the third book of the Kaipara trilogy which follows the Jackson family of the early Yates’ Landing, then the Thunder Children and up to late in the twentieth century. On the way it opens up a new world plus an even older one against a background of New Zealand history.

RRP $32

Boxed Set $96

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