The Heartbroker by Kate O’Keeffe

Wellywood Series Book 2

For 29-year-old Brooke Mortimer a man is a non-essential survival item—more like something forgotten at the bottom of her purse. In Brooke’s world work comes first, second, and last. She runs a successful self-help busHeartbrokeriness and doesn’t have the time for much else—least of all messy, unpredictable love.

Her pursuit of success pushes her to woo corporate America. Enter tall, tanned, and toned Logan McManus. He’s everything she’s looking for—a big brand with an even bigger checkbook—and something she didn’t see coming, something that will put her views on love to the test. But there’s more to Logan than Brooke’s bargained for. When their worlds collide her life is thrown into total disarray, forcing her to consider re-writing her own self-help survival guide.

Is Brooke ready to risk everything and get into bed with corporate America?

Escape to beautiful New Zealand in this sexy, feel-good romantic comedy.

The Heartbroker is a romantic comedy / contemporary romance set in New Zealand. It’s a sequel to Styling Wellywood, but can be read as a stand-alone story.

** Warning: this book has some SSM—Seriously Sexy Moments—so suits readers over 18 **

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