Role Reversal by Trish Gray

Whoever thought a mum could have such fun when joining up with her children on their OE in the Middle East. Find out how these intrepid travellers hit the deck running. Read how a reversal of roles was paramount and trust was extraordinary.

Role Reversal

Exploring Experiences & Exceptional Escapades

My experience will whet your appetite.

I guarantee you will be immediately intrigued.

Trish jumped at the rare opportunity. The valued knowledge her daughter Kirsty gained tour leading through Middle Eastern countries provided the perfect background to enjoy and experience more, and avoid potential problems. A reversal of roles was paramount and the trust exceptional.

In part one Trish is taken on an exciting jaunt through Egypt. The surprise of being surrounded by gunmen while crossing the Sinai Desert to Jordan and the fun the whiskey man provided when returning to Cairo is stamped in Trish’s memory. Follow Trish and Kirsty when they travel either by bus, train, donkey, bicycle, or felucca to reach many and varied destinations.

Part two welcomes son Gareth and his girlfriend for the trip through Morocco and tells how this intrepid travelling family attracted incidents. How Trish dealt with the marriage offer of 500 camels for her daughter? How Gareth escaped the snake charmer’s charm in his infamous snake-drape incident and the batman-draped motorbike rider when driving through the Sahara Desert?

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