The Chameleon Shop trilogy by Teresa Schulz

The Chameleon Shop: Book One

This book is for lovers of fairy tales … Kaylee Browne discovered a magic key in a new bookstore in town.

Chameleon shop

The key takes her to the faraway lands of The Five Realms, where she begins a quest to find the maker of the key so she can learn how to get home… then to her surprise, a completely new quest to save someone very dear to her. Along the way, she encounters fairies, giant cats, flying horses, a castle, a witch and many other magical creatures including a dragon. The shop is called the Chameleon Shop for a good reason … would you care to find out?

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The Chameleon Shop: Book Two

chameleon-shop-2After an exciting adventure in the Five Realms, Kaylee Browne has just returned home to Feilding, through the magical Chameleon Shop, which to her surprise, has now become a chocolate shop.
Unless she returns to the Five Realms within seven days, her father will be put to death. Kaylee also fears for all her new friends in the Realms such as Jett the giant Messenger Cat and Gerard the gentle giant.
Although she dearly missed her mother, her return is bitter-sweet, having almost completed her Quest in the Five Realms, only to be thwarted at the last minute by Wilfrey. Knowing she must go back home, Kaylee has mixed emotions. Somehow she would rather face the Dragon in the Five Realms again, instead of the familiar one who was waiting for her at home.

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The Chameleon Shop: Book Three

This is the exciting finale of the Chameleon Shop trilogy. With the aid of the magical key and the mysterious Chameleon Shop, Kaylee returns to the Five Realms, bewildered mother in tow. She hopes to help her new friends defeat the wicked Guardian, Wilfrey Hobbs. Hobbs, livid at the fact this girl from the Other Lands keeps messing up his ruthless plans, vows to unleash every creature of evil at his disposal and bring chaos to them all. Will Kaylee and her family be able to save them?

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Paperback: 180 – 200 pages
Dimensions: 5 x x 8 inches

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