Oh No Granny Bow! by Sally Yearbury

Illustrated by Jude Flashman.

A twenty-four page colourfully illustrated children’s picture book for 4-8 year olds.

Granny Bow Jamie always gets embarrassed with the way his Granny Bow behaves and dresses!

She wears worn out boots, garden gloves, floppy hats but worst of all baggy, old men’s trousers full of holes!

He doesn’t mind being with Gran, when she’s out of view on her farm. One day an invitation arrives for Gran. With the mayor and important folk, Gran is invited to meet the royal couple coming to visit their town. Jamie’s sure there’s been a terrible mistake . . . not Gran!

A very stressful time for Jamie is resolved, with Jamie being very proud of his Gran.

This humorous story with a subtle message will be enjoyed by reader and children.

Buy Now RRP $22

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