Hold My Teeth While I Teach You To Dance by Mike Johnson

Investigative journalist Jason Argonaut is not content to rest on his laurels and dreamHold my teeth of past glories. No, he has to take too great an interest in his fascinating new neighbours, play the Grandfather Detective, and find himself in possession of the world best kept secret – or is it? A delicious mix of murder, mayhem and intrigue. Funny, farcical and deadly serious, Hold My Teeth While I Teach You To Dance will hold you in its magic grip to the last line.


‘Mike Johnson is one of our most gifted novelists, yet he has been curiously neglected. I suspect the problem is his bold originality. Each of his novels seems to break new ground creating a novel one-off genre… With Hold my Teeth, a noir thriller is grafted onto the oriental fantasy thriller. In the case of the former, everything is in the realm of the real, while in the later, it is in the world of make believe: Raymond Chandler meets Alfred Bester. Who else could dare to do this but Mike Johnson? This is a novel meant to be devoured rather than read.’
Michael Morrissey: New Zealand Books.

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