Moon Over Martinborough by Jared Gulian


From Michigan to the Wairarapa… How an American city boy became a Kiwi farmer.

Moon over Martinborough

The hilarious tale of how two American city boys learn to become olive farmers on a lifestyle block in New Zealand.

For Jared Gulian, leaving the United States and coming to tiny Wellington, New Zealand, was  a big switch from the bright lights of big cities. So when his partner decided they just had to buy a rundown olive orchard in the Wairarapa, it was almost too much.

To get there they’d have to drive over the dangerous Rimutaka hill road – and he was terrified of heights. Then they’d have to figure out what on earth you do with 500 olive trees, a geriatric rooster, warring hens, an obese kunekune pig, cast sheep, marauding cattle.

In this endearing, hilarious, wry and warm-hearted book, Jared Gulian describes the first four years of their new life in the country, its disasters and small triumphs, its surprises and pleasures. But most of all he describes the warmth of the local community that welcomed him, saved him from certain peril, taught him how to cook, how to care for animals, and how to understand and love the land.

The story is punctuated with drawings and recipes that set this endearing book apart.

Buy Now RRP $35

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