The Sea and Me by Bianca Begovich

Illustrated by Scott Pearson


An illustrated children’s storybook which explores the effects of our actions on the ocean and sea life. ‘The Sea and Me’ is aimed at engaging and empowering 5-7 year olds to take small actions to protect the environment, so they feel a sense of belonging and kinship with the natural world. Using a simple narrative prose in the main story with additional snippets of interesting factual information, the story explores concepts of interdependence, sustainability and a whole world view of the environment.

‘The Sea and Me’ is different from other conservation-themed stories in that the focus is on encouraging an understanding of our relationship within the natural world, rather than explaining the environment as something separate from us. ‘The Sea and Me’ puts people in the middle of the story, explaining that we are a part of the natural processes which make the planet work sustainably. The simple prose aims to make holistic environmental themes accessible to younger children, so that from an early age, they have an understanding of their role as caretakers of the environment and that their actions make a difference in the health and future of the world.

Buy Now RRP $18

Comprehensive Teachers’ Resource Kit available which covers Levels 1 and 2 of The New Zealand Curriculum in the areas of Oral Language, Reading, Written Language, Visual language, Health, social Studies, Art and Technology.

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