Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death by A.J. Ponder

Miss Lionheart’s adventure starts with the offer: “get into the car or I’ll blow your brains out.” It was made with such eloquence and conviction Lilly couldn’t exactly refuse…

Miss Lionheart… And you can’t either. Yes, Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death is coming, so hijack yourselves into mad scientists’ territory, duck the gelignite, avoid the Acme fuses. Do whatever you need to, just make sure you don’t miss out — it’s more than your life is worth.

Part 1: Once Bitten. Lilly Lionheart is kidnapped by a master villain who wants her to create dangerous genetically designed animals. But Lilly has ideas of her own.

Part 2: Twice Poisoned. Christmas is coming, and so is the deadline for Mr Big’s Spring Catalogue of Evil. If the dreadbeasts aren’t ready soon, Lilly and her whole team are in danger. But if that isn’t bad enough, it’s becoming clear that Mr Big suspects Lilly is a spy!

Part 3: Thrice Shy. To Miss Lionheart’s horror, her pet squirrel-snake hybrid, Quetzee, and the dreadbeasts are thrown in the ring with three lions. Quetzee will almost certainly die, he’s not a dreadbeast or a lion, and the thought of losing him is tearing her apart. Even the thought of losing dreadbeasts is terrible. Meanwhile in her crew is in extreme danger as four of the dreadbeasts have escaped, and they threaten not only her safety, but that of the whole bunker.

RRP $20

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