Blasted by Seeds by Tom McGrath

One man’s account of diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer through low dose rate brachytherapy.   RRP $35

Blasted seeds

Blasted by Seeds is Tom McGrath’s story of his experience with prostate cancer — the tests, biopsies, diagnosis, and the difficult process of choosing a treatment.

Tom never suspected he had cancer, until a chance blood test returned an atypical result. He soon found himself in a urologist’s surgery discussing the early stages of the disease.

This book details the brachytherapy procedure Tom underwent, and the long post-op period of medication and testing. A central theme of the story is how he ‘gets on with life’ in spite of a potentially fatal disease.

Tom McGrath has had a varied career, including factory inspection, trade unions, parliamentary research, and teaching. He is a contributing author to books on employment relations and human resource management, and recently taught New Zealand Diploma in Business courses at a private training institute.

Tom’s recreational interests include Latin American dancing, mountain biking, and swimming. He is married to writer Julia Millen.

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