North to the Apricots by Sergeant Bruce Crowley DCM as told to Julia Millen

The escape stories of Sergeant Bruce Crowley DCM: New Zealand prisoner of war in Greece & Germany 1941-1943.

North to apricots

Sergeant Bruce Crowley, A section 4RMT of the NZ Army Service Corps, was the first New Zealand POW to make a successful escape from Germany back to Britain in World War II. Captured during the Allied withdrawal from Greece in April 1941, en route to a German POW camp he jumped from the train and for several months lived among Greek villagers. Re-captured he was sent to the infamous Stalag VIIIB in southeastern Europe.

In July 1943 Crowley scaled a wall and escaped from a working party at Breslau. Disguised as a civilian he made his way by train to a Baltic port where he planned to stowaway on a ship to Sweden.

Read about Bruce Crowley’s remarkable escapades on the run from the Germans in this new book recorded by the old soldier himself.

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