Eight Best Feijoa Recipes by June Allen

A skinny recipe book.

Eight Feijoa recipesWritten by a keen home gardener and cook.

Nothing but feijoas … in muffins, cake, pickles and jam … lots of great hints for the fledgling baker, and some new ideas for everyone using one of New Zealand’s favourite fruit.

What readers have said:

Thank you for our feijoa cookbook; we love it.’ Mother and teenage daughter, North Shore, Auckland

I’m looking forward to trying the blue cheese muffin.‘ C.W. Orewa

Buy Now RRP $13



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One Response to Eight Best Feijoa Recipes by June Allen

  1. Hello June,
    Heard your interview on National Radio about your book you had published about Feijoas and found it really interesting. I was wondering please if you could tell me who you used for a publisher ( someone in Palmerston North) as I did not catch the name of who you got to do this for you.
    I see you were from near the Ruahine Ranges. I grew up in Dannevirke.
    thank you in advance,


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