Teenage Venture by Rue Crawford Hool

Two stories, channelled by Larissa about teenagers finding their Spirit Within and by conversing with them, they are able to help others.


‘Daniel My Forever Friend’ and ‘Jeremiah E. Jackson’ These stories show the way the Spirit within can help and advise.

Daniel My Forever Friend

Gemma, 15 years old and looking forward to the fun, the parties and life expanding in the social scene.
Then the worrying realisation that all is not what it seems, she doesn’t like alcohol or the effects of it that she witnessed at her first party; she doesn’t smoke or do drugs – will her life be a social disaster?
Is there actually a social life for people like her? The story develops as Gemma’s life changes for the better when she meets Daniel, her Spirit within and then discovers there is a social life for people like her.

Jeremiah E. Jackson

Jeremiah E. Jackson is a 14 year old boy growing up in a ‘gang’ area, and realising that the gang life is not what he wants.
How to cope with the inner turmoil to project ‘tough’ when you would really prefer to do homework to realise a dream of becoming a pilot. Then his whole life changes when a warning saves him from being caught by the police and he meets his Spirit within.

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