At the Edge Edited by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray

Introduction by Angela Slatter

at-the-edge_cover_20160423Step up, as close as you dare…

…to a place at the edge of sanity, where cicadas scritch across balmy summer nights,

at the edge of town, where the cellphone coverage is decidedly dodgy,

at the edge of space, where a Mimbinus argut bounds among snowy rocks,

at the edge of the page, where demon princes prance in the shadows,

at the edge of despair, where 10 darushas will get you a vodka lime and a ring-side seat,

at the edge of the universe, where time stops but space goes on…

From the brink of civilisation, the fringe of reason, and the border of reality, come 23 stories infused with the bloody-minded spirit of the Antipodes, tales told by the children of warriors and whalers, convicts and miners: people unafraid to strike out for new territories and find meaning in the expanses at the edge of the world.

Compiled by award-winning editing team Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray, and including a story by Arthur C. Clarke finalist Phillip Mann and foreword by World Fantasy Award winner Angela Slatter, At the Edge is a dark and dystopic collection from some of Australia and New Zealand’s best speculative writers.

RRP $35

Authors of the collection:
Jodi Cleghorn
Carlington Black
Martin Livings
Phillip Mann
Debbie Cowens
Anthony Panegyres
EG Wilson
David Stevens
Michelle Child
Richard Barnes
AJ Ponder
Keira McKenzie
Jan Goldie
Joanne Anderton
Eileen Mueller
Octavia Cade
JC Hart
David Versace
Paul Mannering
Summer Wigmore
AJ Fitzwater
Tom Dullemond
AC Buchanan

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