Rawiri The Little Spotted Kiwi by Maureen Green

Rawiri The Little Spotted Kiwi: Why Kiwis Can’t Fly

Illustrated by Julie Duffy

Rawiri KiwiChildren’s Picture Book.  Age Level: 3 – 8
Rawiri, a little spotted kiwi, was not like other birds of his kind. A flightless nocturnal bird, recently sent from his nest to forage alone in the forest, he wished he could soar high into the air out of reach of the predators he feared.

Early one morning a feral cat, stomach low to the ground, readied herself to strike Rawiri. He attacked.

Startled, the cat launched her body toward him, but Rawiri eluded her razor-sharp claws and ran into deep undergrowth.
When Rawiri crept from cover, Tui, flew down from the trees and commented on Rawiri’s narrow escape.
“If I could fly, I wouldn’t be bothered by cats and …”

RRP $15

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