Night Series by Leigh K. Hunt

Tijuana Nights (Nights Series, #1)


Getting shot at was never on McKenna Carmichael’s bucket list, but then neither was being hunted by a Mexican Cartel.

After missing her flight, and then watching it blow up midair, Mack is stuck in Mexico and the only people she can trust are the ones that put her in this position in the first place.

River, Chase, and Gabriel offer Mack protection while they bring the El Diablo Cartel to its knees, and only by assisting them with yet another job will she gain the skills she needs to save her own life.

Her trip to Tijuana began as a simple game of distraction. Now it’s a game of survival.

Enter Mack’s world in this action-packed thriller, the first book of Leigh K. Hunt’s new Night’s Series.

Buy Now – RRP $25

Venice Nights (Nights Series, #2)


McKenna Carmichael has a new job in the beautiful country of Italy. This isn’t a pleasure trip: she must eliminate her mark and get out.

Her target Luigi Donati is rich and handsome, and his fashion house leads charity work. But his dossier shows that’s a front, hiding ties to where his real money comes from: slave labour.

Mack realises that not only is Luigi innocent, but someone else is intent on killing him. Thrown by doubt, Mack must choose her role in this Italian job — predator or protector.

Join Mack on her next thrilling adventure in Leigh K. Hunt’s new Night’s series.

Buy Now – RRP $25

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