Know That Bird by Marion Rego

A guide to 21 commonly encountered New Zealand birds. Written specifically for young children, the information is just enough to identify each bird, and includes illustrations and descriptions of habits, origin and birdsongs.

978095820142The author was driven to write this book when her grandson aged 6 wanted to know about the birds he saw in the garden or on the beach. The only books available were for adults or older children, with far too much scientific detail. There some beautiful books about black robins or yellow-eyed penguins, but what was wanted was a child-orientated book introducing the birds most likely to be seen around home and in the neighbourhood. ‘Know that Bird’ is the result.

Each of the twenty-five birds is described briefly, with just enough for the birdwatcher to be able to tell one from another, and to make them want to know more. Elizabeth Gabites’ paintings show the birds as you will see them, looking real in a realistic setting. Look for the young birdwatcher on every page. A table at the back lists the birds in order of size, a handy guide to recognition. ‘Know that Bird’ can be read independently by children 6 – 8, or shared with younger children. Teachers find it a useful clAassroom resource, and many adults who feel they don?t know enough about birds are enjoying the learning experience.

Interest/Reading 4-12 years

Buy Now RRP $18

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