Shadows of Doubt by Evan G. Andrew

Sequel to Shadows in the Night
shadows-of-doubtSet in the Regency period just after the Napoleonic wars, ‘Shadows of Doubt,’ is the sequel to ‘Shadows in the Night,’ which follows the fortunes of Julia Farraday. A spirited young woman of independent means following the death of her great uncle, Julia receives an invitation to attend a house-party from her confident at Court, Philip Stratton, at Sharnborough his palatial ancestral home. There among the guests she meets an acquaintance of Lenore’s, the fascinating French mistress of the late Gerald Hamilton, and also present is the debonair Chevalier Alain d’Augusseau, from the French Embassy.

Despite the support of the attentive Excise Officer Stephen Wareham, and the neighbouring Wentworth family, Julia gets caught up in a world of conspiracy and intrigue, while her heart becomes caught in ‘Shadows of Doubt,’ between the safe and familiar, and the dangers of the unknown.

Buy now RRP $27 – Large print version $33

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