Chemo and Back Again by Andrea Fairbairn


Chemo and Back Again helps make chemo, cancer and recovery just that little bit easier.

chemo-and-back-againAndrea Fairbairn shares her experience of cancer, chemo and recovery from the heart, showing you what chemo and cancer are really like and what you can expect. It is full of practical information and tips, along with real-life events and diary entries, all showing how to get through cancer and chemo and make it as easy as possible.

Chemo and Back Again is a beautifully designed, luxurious softcover book, that just feels special to hold. It is full colour and packed with large, beautifully laid out inspiring images.

Proceeds from book sales go to The Joy Agency to donate Chemo and Back Again to chemo patients in chemo wards. You can also pay it forward by sponsoring a book or two and we will donate those books to chemo wards. For more information check out their website.

Buy Now RRP $50

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