In a Word by Mark Broatch

in-a-wordIn today’s information-overloaded society, are your words likely to be read or heard over the next person’s?
Do you sound confident and clued-up when discussing classical music, white wines, seminal novels of the 1950s or car-chase movies? When reaching for an exquisitely complimentary adjective, can you readily produce anything fruitier than ‘great’, ‘nice’, or ‘stunning’?
If your answer is ‘No’, you need In a Word – the book for creative writers, bloggers, students, journalists, critics, speech writers, coaches… anyone, in fact, who’s in the habit of using words with precision and flair. It is designed to guide you to the exact term you need in order to communicate thoughtfully, effectively, impressively. Whether your topic is food or famous prisons, music tempos or mythological creatures, tennis strokes for tabloidese, you’ll find plenty of help and inspiration in the pages of In a Word.

Buy Now RRP $20

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