The Insides of Banana Skins by Jane Seaford

insides-of-banana-skinsLondon. 1960s. Drugs and Sex. Chaos and Squalor.

Sukey, seventeen, lost and uncertain, shares a crowded, shabby flat with Kitty, who becomes a stripper, with Malc, a drug dealer,  and Jaz, a drama student with sexual identity issues.  Bridie, who lives downstairs, sells sex to support her two kids. Readers are drawn into the heart of the sexual revolution as the flatmates face death, destruction and sex at its rawest. And, in tender moments, there is love, optimism, generosity and friendship.

The Insides of Banana Skins is authentic, haunting and shocking.  It skilfully recreates an era of social turmoil, focusing on an eclectic group taking great risks in a time of liberation and change when traditional behaviour was being challenged. If you like stories about dangerous living you’ll love this novel. It should come with a health warning.

Buy Now RRP $28

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