The In-Between Land: Psalms, Poems and Haiku by Mark Gibson

ibl_front_cover_250w_14_may_-2015Severe earthquakes struck Christchurch in 2010–2011 and caused obvious damage to buildings, the land and waterways. The emotional impact of these events on the people who lived through them is harder to see. For many people, the city and life they knew has gone, but they are not yet able to move forward – they are stuck in-between. In this moving collection, Mark Gibson tells their story.

His 15 psalms put before God the hurts, frustrations, injustices and despair that people feel. They also offer praise and point to a new appreciation of the natural world around us and to hope for a brighter future.

The poems, which document and reflect on the author’s unfolding pastoral and spiritual journey, are grouped into broad categories:

* Earthquakes
* Loss and lament
* Healing and renewal
* Torrent Bay escapes
* Life goes on

60 haiku offer playful, snapshot impressions of living through the four seasons: autumn, winter, spring and summer.

Draw on this collection for personal nourishment, strength in difficult times or use in worship. You are not alone. There is hope.

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Praise for The In-Between Land

“…insightful, and often deeply moving.” Review by Father Jim Consedine published on Tui Motu Interislands Facebook page 4 August 2015

“The psalms and a number of the poems lend themselves to liturgical use…” Review by Rev Dr Lynne Frith published in Touchstone October 2015

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