New Zealand United States Relations by Stephen Hoadley (2nd ed.)

Second Edition, updated and expanded.

scan0007This book aims to make New Zealand and American readers more aware of their countries’ links and shared goals … and also their differences.

It reviews examples of disagreements and disputes over the past century to show how most of them have been resolved, or at least managed, so that the overall relationship remains mutually beneficial today.

Case studies of disputes and their resolution include:

  • Interacting in the pacific region
  • Negotiating alliances and defense co-operation
  • Restricting nuclear weapons and ship visits
  • Conducting peace support operations
  • Collaborating on intelligence and logistics
  • Shaping the United Nations and trade organisations
  • Negotiating agricultural trade access
  • Protecting intellectual property

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Stephen Hoadley, Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations at The University of Auckland, has lectured, written and done media commentary on NZ and US foreign affairs for decades.

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