Changels Genesis series by Peter King

Over six novel length parts, Changels Genesis is a new kind of YA story, a science fiction action-adventure in a contemporary setting. Its about the origins of the Changels – six minority psychic teens from all over the world, empowered to teleport into the world’s most dangerous places to safeguard other teens who, in the future, will prevent a terrible war. It’s a fictional adventure story with mystery and romance but a core of non-fiction truth. Changels Genesis explores real world themes of genetic inheritance, prejudice and genocide mixing fact and fantasy such that, at times, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Initiation: Changels Genesis Part One

Your home is a smoking ruin and everyone you love or trust is missing presumed dead. You’re fourteen, alone, and the only survivor of an odd community regarded as UFO freaks. The cops are used to interviewing minorities like you and they want answers, but if you tell the truth they’ll think you’re insane. Except maybe one cop – the lesbian youth aid detective who doesn’t know her girlfriend is dumping her. Because you know to escape the aliens closing net you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Part One of Changels Genesis, Initiation is the beginning of two stories: How Sam Kahu, a young Maori teen from Northland, fled his drug dealing gangster father and became a Changel; and how lesbian detective constable Sue Williams became part of the most incredible secret war on Earth.

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The Weaving: Changels Genesis Part Two

After the shock of her UFO encounter DC Sue Williams wants to understand what Sam is involved in. Sam tells Sue how he came to Renwick House carefully leading her from the shallows of Earth’s strangeness, with stories of how his friends from around the world came to New Zealand, into the depths, and the story of how Dr Prosperov’s science experiments shook two worlds.

Hiding from deadly alien infiltrators Sam tells detective Sue Williams how six minority families, all needing refuge, and all with one psychic teenager ended up coming to live and work for the mysterious Russian financier Dr Gennady Prosperov at haunted Renwick House. Then how Dr Prosperov’s amazing experiment in the abandoned lighthouse shocked two worlds.

Like a traditional Maori cloak The Weaving tells how the stories of the Changels; the beautiful but troubled Iranian Baha’i, Tahira; the hunted black Louisianian, Ashley; the calm white Zimbabwean, Scotty; the pretty Vietnamese, Cam; and the enigmatic Russian, Dr Gennady Prosperov were woven together. But it was only when Dr Prosperov’s physics experiments broke between dimensions that the truly strange extent of his conspiracy became clear.

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Renaissance: Changels Genesis Part Three

The security of the safe house is failing. The Infiltrators are closing in. As Sam tells Sue how Renwick house was transformed into a secret base, and he and his six companions into secret agents, equipped with the most advanced alien technology, he knows his enemies are closing. Worse, Sue’s attention is drifting, questioning Sam’s grip on reality in order to preserve her own. But when the Infiltrators come, as they must, what can Sam, the sole survivor, do to keep the Changel’s mission alive?

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Into Darkness: Changels Genesis Part Four

With the return of his friends Sam and Sue are temporarily saved but now Sam starts to explain to the completely disoriented Sue who was hunting them and why. For the Changels are not the only force at work trying to influence humanity’s future. The ancient secret society of paranormal infiltrators, the Bruderschaft, use disease, war and genocide for their own twisted purposes. Into Darkness tells of the Changels’ introduction to their work and the dark side of our world, uncovering horrors of war and exploitation. From the battlefields of the Congo, to trafficking gangs in eastern Europe the Changels learn about corruption and the weapons the Infiltrators use which hide in plain sight. But to find out how the Infiltrators broke the Changels security Sam must face them alone.

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Conjunctions: Changels Genesis Part Five

Detective Sue Williams learns nothing is off limits when she discovers the enemy alien infiltrator society called Die Bruderschaft have used her body to try and destroy the Changels. As Sam’s ongoing story reveals the dimensions of this conflict are wider than anyone can imagine.

The story begins to gather momentum as Sam, and the Changels confront themselves and their enemies at home, in Israel and in Washington DC. But if their enemies are scary, the friend they find in the Rub Al Khali is terrifying. Buy Now RRP $26

The Crucible: Changels Genesis Part Six

As the community attempts to close down the mystery of the Renwick fire and resettle on Earth their enemies move quickly capture them. Only when it becomes clear they are planning to release a deadly a influenza epidemic do the Changels realise flight is not an option. Everyone, including Sue, must commit everything to prevent a massive plague. But that means a fight some will not survive.

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Changels Genesis is fact-based fiction. It’s world is happening every day around us. Real events, real people interwoven with a fiction so strange, some of it is true.


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