Berry, Kevin

I’ve been writing off and on approximately forever. I’m middle-aged in a chronological sense, but young at heart.

Kevin Berry

I’ve got a degree which I’ve never used and two diplomas, one in Hypnotherapy and the other in a subject I don’t mention to anyone, as it was so long ago. I read widely, particularly specfic and YA, but also contemporary and some non-fiction. My favourite author is Connie Willis, but I mostly read indie authors nowadays. My other interests include editing, hanging out with other writers, walking, playing backgammon, dancing Ceroc and spending time with my two boys. I also enjoy copy-editing and proofreading other authors’ manuscripts.

My unique niche is writing Aspie new adult contemporary novels set in an earthquake zone (Christchurch, New Zealand): “Stim” and “Kaleidoscope”. I’ve also co-authored three humorous fantasy books with Diane Berry: “Dragons Away!” (on the strength of which we won the Sir Julius Vogel Award 2012 for Best New Talent), “Growing Disenchantments” and “Fountain of Forever”.

Kaleidoscope Stim