Arnold, Barbara

Barbara Arnold was born in post war London where her secondary school education included clerical skills. She consequently worked in a number of offices before emigrating to New Zealand with her family. After wondering what she was doing in the “uttermost parts of the earth”, she enrolled for a creative writing class and subsequently wrote a nuBarbara from Amazonmber of articles, which, to her surprise were published. She followed this by writing short stories and stories for children before beginning her career as a novelist.

Barbara taught creative writing for seven years at The University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, until the earthquake of February 2011 brought her classes to an abrupt end. Her debut novel, ‘He Called Me Son’ has been digitally published on and Amazon CreateSpace. It is the first in a trilogy entitled ‘The Blountmere Street Series’, the second novel of which, ‘The Best in Blountmere Street’ has also also been published digitally and on Amazon CreateSpace. The last in the trilogy, ‘There Is A Time’ has now been published for digital readers and will be available on CreateSpace in approximately the next four weeks.

When she is asked why she writes, Barbara’s answer is, “Because I can’t not write. For me, writing is a wonderful obsession. It’s a lonely occupation, but I have my characters to keep me company.”

He called me sonThere is a time Blountmere Sreet