Lindsay, P.D.R.

My writer’s C.V. includes sales of over a hundred short stories to magazines, zines, soundzines and literary journals around the world. In the U.K. my popular fiction has sold to ‘The People’s Friend’, ‘My Weekly’, ‘Woman’s WLindsay-Salmon_003_6x8[1]eekly,’ and the literary stories sold in Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Europe, to ‘The Atlantic Review’, ‘Solander’, ‘Stand’, ‘QWF’, ‘Peninsular’, ‘Bound Off’, ‘Sniplits’ as well as other literary magazines, zines and sound zines. I read and review chiefly at and


As a founder member of Writer’s Choice publishing cooperative I help select and edit the books we publish. We are Independent Publishers working like the traditional publishers in selection or rejection, editing and producing books but we use Print On Demand technology. In our first year we launched three historical novels, and they did well. Last year was our second year as the Writer’s Choice Writers’ Co-operative and the first novel of the year, ‘Four Nails’ was entered in the Amazon novel competition. An agent picked it up from the short list and we are still waiting to publish it. ‘Unforgiveable’ launched later and is selling steadily. My novel, ‘Tizzie’ was short listed in three competitions which was a cheering event. We continue putting out short stories and writing our next novels. Indies forever!