Thomas, Nellie

Nellie Thomas was born in Snowsonia (Eryi) North Wales and trained as a nurse at Cardiff University. She worked in Rookwood Hospital in Llandaff for five years in neuro-rehabilitation of people with spinal injuries.

She moved to New Zealand iwth her lover in 1999. The relationship did not survive the trfansition to a new country, but Nellie decided to stay and make her life in New Zealand.

Nellie has worked in traditional nursing specialising in the care of the elderly, and more latterly in holistice health and naturopathy. She moved to the Wairarapa in 2005 to continue her study, grow her own herbs and build her natural health practice.

Nellie continues to explore health, love and the meaning of life through her practice of meditation, exercise and writing.

This Above All is her first book.

This above all