Bell, Chris

Chris Bell

Chris Bell was born in the autumn of the 20th Century. Shrugging off this early setback, he moved from Holyhead to Hamburg, via London, in a futile search for any of the trappings of rock superstardom, before arriving in New Zealand where, having gone as far as he could, he now works as a writer. His short stories have appeared in ‘The Third Alternative’; ‘Postscripts’; ‘Grotesque’; ‘The Heidelberg Review’; ‘TransVersions’; ‘Not One of Us’ and ‘Takahe’, as well as on the internet. ‘The Cruel Countess’ was anthologised in ‘The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror (10th Annual Edition)’, published by St Martin’s Griffin Books, in which his collection ‘The Bumper Book of Lies’ received an Honourable Mention. ‘Shem-el-Nessim’ has appeared in ‘This Is The Summer of Love’ and ‘The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 21’. His poetry has appeared in ‘Workshop New Poetry’; ‘Snorkel’; and foam:e. ‘Liquidambar’, his first novel, won the UKAuthors/PADB ‘Search For A Great Read’ novel writing competition. He has described himself as “a glass-twothirds-empty sort of a person”.