Songshifting: Requiem For Stage Diver & Bass Guitar by Chris Bell

The Dirty Birds, Poodlefaker, Jackass Morwong, Bizarre Avocado Crimewave and Cheeto Jesus are bands touring with a live show called Dangerous Mixture. Dirty Birds’ singer Sam Ratcliff devotes much of her band’s set to stage-diving into the punters. One night, at the club Everything That Ever Was, she’s returned unconscious to the stage and dies of apparent asphyxiation. Unemployed music journo Rarity Dean sets out to investigate her death.

Dean wrote for music paper the ‘Grid’ before being fired for criticising the brutal regime of the mysterious impresario following a live event at which bands like Scrooch, the Dust Bunnies and the Dirty Birds made a stand against the state’s ban on recorded music.

As Dean attempts to unearth the truth she begins to question everything she once considered sacred. She’s soon on the trail of Teasel Fuller, a former security man with a violent past. But can this odd crime really be as simple as that? Other clues appear to suggest a grassroots rebellion is afoot – one systematic enough to unite punters and street gangs to rise against the impresario.

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The sequel to ‘Songshifting’ and the second book in the ‘Songshifting’ trilogy.

“Music that’s gone in the moment, that’s what the impresario wanted music to be in its entirety: a moment that could be covertly manipulated, dosed up with something mind-altering. Not an emotionally variable moment the impresario had no control over, no stake in, not a moment that could be replayed in secret by punters with effects unknown. The impresario gave the insidious impression that music was just entertainment, which was precisely why it was our best means of resistance.”

“‘Songshifting: Requiem For Stage Diver & Bass Guitar’ is a work of urgent and fascinating beauty, sparking with frenetic energy. I was lost in Bell’s colourful Pynchon-meets-cyberpunk dystopia from the first page. A real joy.” Paul M.M. Cooper, ‘River of Ink’

Paperback: 274 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches


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Faces In Things: The Patient Labyrinth & Other Stories by Chris Bell

Faces In Things: Haunted phones; unforgettable sandwiches; celebrity cults; warrior ghosts; consumer greed; unearthly landscapes; urban living; urbane dating; inspirational perfume; a captivating portrait; man overboard; buggy implants; a grieving heart; a paean to a closed-down restaurant; an unhinged man evoking a murdered woman’s past; a tantalisingly familiar jazz pianist revealing secrets of the Bronx; and the futile search for a perfect weekend.

We’re all searching for recognition, for faces in things, trying to make sense of the past in order to face the unknown future.

This new collection of stories from the author of ‘The Bumper Book of Lies’, ‘Liquidambar’, ‘Songshifting’ and ‘Saccade’ draws on multiple genres and influences to create an homage to nostalgia, memory, music and longing. It incorporates:

* Preface by Chris Bell
* 17 short stories, 4 of them first published in international anthologies
* 13 previously unpublished stories
* A story about to appear in The Five Senses of Horror.
* An eclectic playlist of recommended music to accompany the stories

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Paperback: 250 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

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The Lie That Settles by Peter Farrell

Peter Farrell is not the first person to discover he is illegitimate but few have been brave enough to provide such an illuminating account of the events that led to the search for a parent. This rich and compelling memoir reveals a surprising personal history behind an apparently conventional life.

Through Peter’s mother, Marion, we are taken from an East End munitions factory in the First World War and a 1920s mental health institution to the bohemian free school movement, and learn what sacrifices a mother can make for her child. Peter’s own life experiences are forged on a childhood of institutional living with little concept of normal family life.

As a new immigrant sent to work on a remote prison farm in New Zealand, it takes Peter many years and encounters to finally understand what Maori mean by the word ‘whanau’.The Lie That Settles is a powerful story of loss, love and survival spanning nine decades and two continents.

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Paperback: 234 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches


“A deeply humane account. He astutely avoids sentimentality and judgement.” – Jane Westaway NZ Books

“Honesty totally comes through. It is done with a great deal of integrity.” – Radio NZ: Eva Radich

“A captivating story. A lesson in hope, and a personal history written with empathy, skill and honesty.” – Massey University: Defining NZ Maree Hoare


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Changels Genesis series by Peter King

Over six novel length parts, Changels Genesis is a new kind of YA story, a science fiction action-adventure in a contemporary setting. Its about the origins the Changels – six minority psychic teens from all over the world empowered to teleport into the world’s most dangerous places to safeguard other teens who in future will prevent a terrible future war. It’s a fictional adventure story with mystery and romance but a core of non-fiction truth. Changels Genesis explores real world themes of genetic inheritance, prejudice and genocide mixing fact and fantasy such that, at times, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Initiation: Changels Genesis Part One

Your home is a smoking ruin and everyone you love or trust is missing presumed dead. You’re fourteen, alone, and the only survivor of an odd community regarded as UFO freaks. The cops are used to interviewing minorities like you and they want answers, but if you tell the truth they’ll think you’re insane. Except maybe one cop – the lesbian youth aid detective who doesn’t know her girlfriend is dumping her. Because you know to escape the aliens closing net you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Part One of Changels Genesis, Initiation is the beginning of two stories: How Sam Kahu, a young Maori teen from Northland, fled his drug dealing gangster father and became a Changel; and how lesbian detective constable Sue Williams became part of the most incredible secret war on Earth.

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The Weaving: Changels Genesis Part Two

After the shock of her UFO encounter DC Sue Williams wants to understand what Sam is involved in. Sam tells Sue how he came to Renwick House carefully leading her from the shallows of Earth’s strangeness, with stories of how his friends from around the world came to New Zealand, into the depths, and the story of how Dr Prosperov’s science experiments shook two worlds.

Hiding from deadly alien infiltrators Sam tells detective Sue Williams how six minority families, all needing refuge, and all with one psychic teenager ended up coming to live and work for the mysterious Russian financier Dr Gennady Prosperov at haunted Renwick House. Then how Dr Prosperov’s amazing experiment in the abandoned lighthouse shocked two worlds.

Like a traditional Maori cloak The Weaving tells how the stories of the Changels; the beautiful but troubled Iranian Baha’i, Tahira; the hunted black Louisianian, Ashley; the calm white Zimbabwean, Scotty; the pretty Vietnamese, Cam; and the enigmatic Russian, Dr Gennady Prosperov were woven together. But it was only when Dr Prosperov’s physics experiments broke between dimensions that the truly strange extent of his conspiracy became clear.

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Renaissance: Changels Genesis Part Three

The security of the safe house is failing. The Infiltrators are closing in. As Sam tells Sue how Renwick house was transformed into a secret base, and he and his six companions into secret agents, equipped with the most advanced alien technology, he knows his enemies are closing. Worse, Sue’s attention is drifting, questioning Sam’s grip on reality in order to preserve her own. But when the Infiltrators come, as they must, what can Sam, the sole survivor, do to keep the Changel’s mission alive?

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Into Darkness: Changels Genesis Part Four

With the return of his friends Sam and Sue are temporarily saved but now Sam starts to explain to the completely disoriented Sue who was hunting them and why. For the Changels are not the only force at work trying to influence humanity’s future. The ancient secret society of paranormal infiltrators, the Bruderschaft, use disease, war and genocide for their own twisted purposes. Into Darkness tells of the Changels’ introduction to their work and the dark side of our world, uncovering horrors of war and exploitation. From the battlefields of the Congo, to trafficking gangs in eastern Europe the Changels learn about corruption and the weapons the Infiltrators use which hide in plain sight. But to find out how the Infiltrators broke the Changels security Sam must face them alone.

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Conjunctions: Changels Genesis Part Five

Detective Sue Williams learns nothing is off limits when she discovers the enemy alien infiltrator society called Die Bruderschaft have used her body to try and destroy the Changels. As Sam’s ongoing story reveals the dimensions of this conflict are wider than anyone can imagine.

The story begins to gather momentum as Sam, and the Changels confront themselves and their enemies at home, in Israel and in Washington DC. But if their enemies are scary, the friend they find in the Rub Al Khali is terrifying. Buy Now RRP $26

The Crucible: Changels Genesis Part Six

As the community attempts to close down the mystery of the Renwick fire and resettle on Earth their enemies move quickly capture them. Only when it becomes clear they are planning to release a deadly a influenza epidemic do the Changels realise flight is not an option. Everyone, including Sue, must commit everything to prevent a massive plague. But that means a fight some will not survive.

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Changels Genesis is fact-based fiction. It’s world is happening every day around us. Real events, real people interwoven with a fiction so strange, some of it is true.


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The Gift of Life by Anetta Cupido

For many it is a tragedy to be diagnosed with cancer and to battle with the disease, but to have to faced the diagnosis five times in your life is something that most of us will never go through.

Anetta’s story shows us we do not have to face these trials alone, and she tells us how she put her faith in the Lord who gave her the strength to face the days ahead, the pain and distress that comes with such an illness.
God taught Anetta how to live by faith through her times with cancer.

“Through every storm I faced during my illness, God came and gave me hope, because His love has set me free. When we learn to trust and believe in God completely, we can enjoy our lives. So whatever lies before you, know that God will give you the strength to press through.
May you be inspired and encouraged when reading about the challenges I faced going through cancer and may you discover what a great God we serve. Just have faith, believe and you will receive.”
May you be blessed!

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Paperback: 68 pages
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

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The Chinese Proverb by Tina Clough

Army veteran Hunter Grant thought he had left war behind in Afghanistan – a conflict that left him with physical and psychological scars. But finding an unconscious girl in the Northland bush and gradually untangling her story involves him in a war of a different kind in his own country.
Hunter sets out to find and punish the man Dao calls Master, but he soon discovers there is more to this than enslavement. Before long he himself is being hunted by the boss of a drug empire whose sole objective is to kill Dao – she knows too much.
Protecting Dao and waging war while trying to keep the police from stifling his enterprise takes all Hunter’s ingenuity and determination and exposes him to deadly jeopardy. He enlists his old army buddy Charlie and her helicopter to help him, but things become complicated when Dao disappears.

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Paperback: 299 pages
Dimensions: 9.1 x 6 inches

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Catching the Last Tram by Susan Holt

Beth’s commute could lead to love – unless mysterious forces win.

After moving house, lonely librarian Beth meets Isaac – a handsome man with timeless manners – on her way to work. Sharing the same antiquated tram day after day, the pair become close and Beth suspects she’s falling in love.

But Isaac has a secret that threatens their budding romance. Something dark and as magical as the tram that picks her up every morning and evening.

Why does he suddenly push her away? Does he really not care for her? How could she have got the signals so wrong?

Then Isaac and the tram go missing and Beth begins to discover the truth. But it might be too late.

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Softcover : 157 pages
Dimensions: 195 mm x 130 mm


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