Capture and Release by Cyndi Benn-Miller and Graeme Knowles

A collaborative project from poet Cyndi Benn-Miller and photographer Graeme Knowles in a beautiful soft cover book.

Cyndi’s poetry complements the photographic images – the poems are poignant, inspiring and alluring.

Details of the photographs are in the back section of the book and include images from New Zealand, England and Austria.

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Orphanage Boys by A.N. Arthur

In 1897 Samuel and James Brodie are left at the Stoke Orphanage, while their father seeks work on the west coast of New Zealand. At the orphanage abuse and privation are rites of passage. Finding friendships there, they manage to survive hunger and illness until fate divides them. Years later, during the turmoil and chaos of New Zealand’s Great Strike of 1913 they rediscover each other and the love the once shared is put to its greatest test. An insight into New Zealand history.

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Number of Pages: 385
Width: 15mm
Height: 23mm

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The Man with the Missing Jaw by Geoff Palmer

Forty Million Minutes series Book 3

man-with-the-missing-jawFleeing Earth with the Sentinels in hot pursuit, Tim Townsend, his sister Coral and their friends face more perils and fiendish plots when they travel to Eltheria. What should be a triumphant homecoming turns into a cat-and-mouse battle with new, sinister forces ranged against them.

Meanwhile an older, darker, far more powerful enemy begins to stir …

There’s more zany humour, more fiendish foes, more stunning tech, gripping adventure and adrenaline-filled excitement in this, the third book in the highly-praised Forty Million Minutes series.

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Lair of the Sentinels by Geoff Palmer

Forty Million Minutes series Book 2

lair-of-sentinelsThings get weirder – and even more perilous – for Tim, Coral and their friends from outer space. With the Eltherians’ ship destroyed, the slimy, slug-like, mind reading Sentinels have formulated a fiendish plan to exterminate them all, one by one.

There’s prying journalists, remarkable revelations, fearsome flesh-eaters, and a battle that will knock your socks off!

Picking up from where Too Many Zeros left off, Lair of the Sentinels continues the adrenaline-filled excitement and heart-stopping action.

Now the adventure continues …

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Too Many Zeros by Geoff Palmer

Forty Million Minutes Series Book 1

too-many-zerosThings get seriously weird when Tim and Coral Townsend meet a pair of super-intelligent mice with an extraordinary
calculator. Suddenly they’re plunged into an adventure full of strange new technology, mind parasites, aliens and
killer robots.

Get ready for an adrenaline-filled adventure with a cast of zany characters, furious action and a heart-stopping climax.

With Too Many Zeros the adventure begins …

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Payback by Geoff Palmer

Sometimes your past won’t let you go

“Solikha was nine years old when she killed two men. She was a pretty child, and that was their undoing.”

paybackSolikha Duong lives the carefree life of a village girl in northern Cambodia until her world is torn apart by ‘truck men’ from the south. But Solikha is tough, resourceful, and won’t give up without a fight …

Alice Kwann is on vacation when she’s set upon by thugs at a stopover in northern Nevada. But Alice too is tough, resourceful, and won’t give up without a fight …

What binds these women together is a shocking secret and a desire for revenge. Because sometimes your past won’t let you go.

Gritty, suspenseful, page-turning action that lifts the lid on a shocking trade we’d rather ignore.

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Private Viewing by Geoff Palmer

He had a body to die for. She might just do that!


Jane Child doesn’t think much of her boss when she’s passed over for promotion. Nor does Matt, the mysterious homeless guy camped across the street. But Jane finds consolation in the shape of the man she was passed over for. Celebrity banker Damien Trotter has it all: rock star status, wealth, dashing good looks … and a shocking secret.

As Jane falls under his spell, she finds herself trapped in a web of intrigue, vile secrets and murder. Suddenly, even her most private moments are no longer her own. Now she must confront the shadows in her past and the deeper, darker shadows in her present. Shadows that may cost her the man she loves, her happiness … even her life.

Set in contemporary London, Private Viewing is a romantic thriller filled with chilling revelations, spine tingling action and a thundering climax that make it a read.

And who is that homeless guy …?

Buy Now RRP $35

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