Nothing Bad Happens Here by Nikki Crutchley

The body of missing tourist Bethany Haliwell is found in the small Coromandel town of Castle Bay, where nothing bad ever happens. News crews and journalists from all over the country descend on the small seaside town as old secrets are dragged up and gossip is taken as gospel.
Among them is Miller Hatcher, a journalist battling her own demons, who arrives intent on gaining a promotion by covering the grisly murder.
Following an anonymous tip, Miller begins to unravel the mystery of the small town. And when another woman goes missing, Miller finds herself getting closer to the truth. But at what cost?

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I’ll Have you Home by Christmas by June Allen

A story of emotional survival

A decade in the author’s life when she struggled to find a home for herself and her three children. It was the early 1970s and she encountered a great deal of social and financial discrimination. She’d left a marriage where she suffered from emotional battering, and lost her eldest son for over a year. Medical authorities said she should be put away. Child welfare authorities said they knew best how to look after her children. It was an uphill battle but June Allen won out; she abducted her children from the state welfare system.

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‘I’ll have you Home by Christmas’ … so very sad….I had forgotten how draconian the rules and outlooks were in the 1970’s . There seemed to be no empathy or compassion for those in dire straits and it “blew me away” that one thoughtless and selfish action could start such a litany of disasters!! G.H. (NSW Australia)

I can’t keep my head out of your book!! Thank you so much. Golly what a life you have had. Good on you for persevering. I think once your children read about your life they will understand all you had to do to keep them by your side. L.R. (Central Otago)

Started reading your book this morning. It is indeed a heart breaking story. R.R. (Waikato)

Thank you for a great book that touches on many women’s stories. P.H. (North Shore)

What dreadful hardship you endured and for so long. G.B. (Auckland)

It’s compelling reading. You have a very interesting and honest writing style and it certainly was heartbreaking to see the lack of support, the effect of being institutionalised, and the pain of being separated from your children had on you. K.P. (Far North)

It is a story that needs to be told and to as wide an audience as possible. J.B. (Auckland East)

.. a celebration of how we as women are ‘overcomers’. Our love for our families vindicates any shortcomings we may have had. Thank you so much for your courage and sharing. How utterly refreshing. R.P. (North Shore)

I have just begun reading your book and can’t put it down without setting the timer to stop me and go do things I have to do. K.B. (North Shore)

It is a very brave story and it took great courage to put it down in writing. (W.S. Coromandel Peninsula)

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Voices from the Heavens by Brian Hool and Rue Crawford Hool

Voices from the Heavens comprise of four books of Channelled Spiritual Teachings for the new Millennium. This anthology of four books was channelled by Spiritual Guardian Mariah to Rue and Brian Hool between 2001 and 2009.
Comprising of Spiritual lessons and teachings which will be of interest for those individuals who want to become more spiritual in their day to day life. The teachings help us learn more about the Heavens, the changes that occurred at the new Millennium and why they are important to our lives now.

‘Psyche of the Spirit’
Since the new millennium began, changes have occurred in the Heavens, to a stage where society has come of age in a spiritual sense. Old ways must change and the challenge to you is to activate your own spirit and verify the facts within these pages. The result is a better future based on love and respect for mankind and our planet.

Mariah wishes to show us a different way of attaining excellence, it is our responsibility to extend ourselves beyond the realms of realism and not be bound by preconception. With an activated Spirit and the gifts that the Heavens can bestow on mortals, you can strive toward something that has remained unattainable to you in the past.

‘After Sex … Then What?’
Sex is essential in many relationships and this section is dedicated to sex plus spiritual awareness as part of your planned commitment for togetherness.

‘The Laws of the Universe’ – The time has now come to evaluate the concepts of Heaven’s worth, in regard to understanding the stance taken by the Universe. How can you incorporate them into your life to become the best person we can.

Spirituality in the 21st century is nothing like it used to be, it has to be self serving for the individual and not through the medium-ship of another person.

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Go Gayle Go by Bruce Melrose

John Kelly Series Book 3

Young Gayle McKee’s running ability isn’t in question. But in the highly competitive environment of premier track racing, talent – and even hard work – aren’t always enough.

As the championship track circuit asks her some searching questions, Gayle struggles to find her own identity, face her fears and make healthy, positive choices for herself. But will others let her forget the mistakes she’s made along the way? Gayle finds herself in a raging battle between those who want her mistakes to damn her forever, and those cheering her on to succeed and choose the very best for herself – including former champion athlete and now coach John Kelly.

By the author of the John Kelly novels No Wind and Clipped Heels.

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The Wishing Tree by Bevan Knight

When a sorcerer’s apprentice locks a powerful spirit in a tree, the nomadic tribes of the arctic face a bleak future. Supplies of game and fish dwindle, and young men desert their families on a quest of illusory dreams. Included in the expedition to deal with the vengeful tree spirit are young Dorno and the woman he rescued, Sheena. He is seeking high adventure; she is in search of her foster parents. Neither of them is aware of the far more terrible foe that lurks in the shade of the tree.

This first volume of a trilogy weaves together elements of science fiction and fantasy to produce an exploration of human needs and values.

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Teleport by Kevin Berry

In 2065, The Patrons control everything—and everyone.
Maddie McLeod is a Creative, tasked by her Patron to develop a teleportation device. With help from her brilliant daughter, Cassie, she must succeed before Cassie’s 18th birthday when Maddie’s Patron will decide on Cassie’s future—or if she even has one.
But with Cassie’s behaviour unravelling, Maddie’s experiments failing, and The Patron becoming more and more threatening, things look hopeless.
Desperation drives Maddie to make an ally of a mysterious character known as the Blacksmith, a dangerous figure from society’s downtrodden Underclass. As Maddie faces the most difficult situation of her life, the Blacksmith helps her see the world as it really is, but will Maddie also see a way to make the teleporter work?

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Broken Silence by Helen Vivienne Fletcher

A stranger just put Kelsey’s boyfriend in a coma. The worst part? She asked him to do it.
Seventeen-year-old Kelsey is dealing with a lot – an abusive boyfriend, a gravely ill mother, an absent father, and a confusing new love interest. After her boyfriend attacks her in public, a stranger on the end of the phone line offers to help. Kelsey pays little attention to his words, but the caller is deadly serious. Suddenly the people Kelsey loves are in danger, and only Kelsey knows it. Will Kelsey discover the identity of the caller before it’s too late?

Broken Silence is the first young adult thriller from award-winning playwright Helen Vivienne Fletcher. If you like raw emotion, life-and-death suspense, and thrilling plot twists, then you’ll love Helen Vivienne Fletcher’s new page-turner.

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