Bittersweet by p.d.r. lindsay

In the British army of 1872, corrupt young officers play games of a different kind. Their favourite is to rape young society women in their homes. The rogues make a competition out of it. The more girls the regiment savages, the more different ways they do it, the greater their merriment and cheers for the winning regiment.

But the victims go through hell. They can’t tell anyone, not even their mothers and suffer the shame. Their families suffer too. Banker Bryce Ackerman loses the love of his life to the scoundrels, but he won’t leave it alone. Bryce follows the thugs to India, where two of the marauding regiments are posted. Trying to run the rapists to ground, he learns their treachery is deadly and their evil courage more monstrous than he expected. Along the way, he must confront his own sexuality. Is he a gentleman always, or is he too a predator?

Life in the British Raj in Colonial India heighten all his senses, good and bad, as he chases down the brutal and dark side of manhood, as he tries to bring Justice to places where Justice had been absent.

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Paperback: 238 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

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Whispers of the Past by Owen Clough

Sam is employed by the Department of Conservation (DoC). His two mates are helping out. Their task is to clear out as many feral pigs as they can in the Tongariro National Park, which is located in the North Island of New Zealand. There are three major volcanoes within this park, so the culling of the pigs has to be done with great care as there are an abundant amount of thermal pools, mud pools and, of course, volcanoes.

In the high country of New Zealand, the weather can be very fickle, going from warm to cold within minutes. The three friends draw even closer as they get caught up in a weather pattern with a difference. Mist, sulphur and rain envelop them and propel them back to the start of the New Zealand Wars of 1863. Three modern blokes, with all the paraphernalia of the 21st century, running around in the past, confused, lost, and trying to stay out of harm’s way, once they realise where they are. Will they get home? Will they change history? Experience the history of New Zealand in an exciting story of the past and the present.

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Paperback: 396 pages
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches

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The Dragon Slayer’s Son by Robinne Weiss

Nathan is shocked to learn that his father is dead, and even more shocked to learn that he died in the line of duty as a dragon slayer. Everything he thought he knew about his father was a lie. But he has no time to think about what it means before he is whisked away to the Alexandra School of Heroic Arts to train as his father’s successor.

At school, Nathan and his new friends soon learn: Dragons are not what they thought. Neither is the schoolmaster, Claus Drachenmorder. And Nathan’s dad might not be dead…yet. Nathan and his friends escape from school and embark on a journey through the mountains to find Nathan’s dad. To succeed, they will need to survive the dangers of the mountains, evade Drachenmorder’s henchmen, seek the aid of the dragons, and unravel an international ring of wildlife smugglers.

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Paperback: 254 pages
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

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Publicans of the Port Nicholson District in the Colony of New Zealand by Hilda McDonnell

Publicans Of The Port Nicholson District in The Colony Of New Zealand … including Coglan’s at Petone, Buck’s at the Taita & James Brown’s at Upper Hutt.

In addition: Scotch Jock’s at Pari-pari and Thoms’ Inn at Parramatta Point.

Publicans of the Port Nicholson District … inns deemed lost in the mist of time.
Licenses were first issued in October 1840. William Couper, born in Caithness, started out a ship’s carpenter, got into cattle trading in Van Diemen’s Land, then ventured across to Cook Strait…He built the Thistle Inn. Rowland Davis of the Aurora was originally from near Bantry in County Cork. Baron Alzdorf left London and sailed on the New Zealand Company ship Adelaide…
Stories of the some of the first colonists of what is now New Zealand’s capital, Wellington.

Fascinating look at the history of the earliest Wellington hotels and publications.
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Format Paperback
120 pages
Dimensions 148 x 210mm
Includes photos and maps

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Portuguese in Aotearoa 1826–1886 by Hilda McDonnell

Portuguese in Aotearoa: they came to NZ from Portugal

In April 1881, the new colony of New Zealand had 207 people who were born in ‘Portugal (this is including the Azores, Cape de Verd, and Madeira)’. Only 19 of this group were women.
Contemporary records have been brought together by the author to create a scrapbook on their lives in this country.

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Format Paperback
192 pages
Dimensions 148 x 210mm
Includes photos

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Half a world Away by Julia Stuart

Eastbourne in Wartime 1899 – 1922

The book covers three decades, two wars and one community whose families were separated by military conflict during the early twentieth century. While it’s focus is the eastern bays of Wellington Harbour the story is typical of all small New Zealand communities whose sons and daughters served in the Boer War or World War 1.

Drawing on national and local archives, published war histories, contemporary music and art, and family collections, it provides a moving, revealing and colourful account of a momentous time in New Zealand’s history.

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Softcover 240 pages
Photographs and posters (colour, sepia and black & white)
265 x 212mm

Read the Dominion Post review.


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Help! My Story Has the Mary-Sue Disease by L C Morgenstern

Mary-Sue Disease is like Chicken Pox: Every author’s work comes down with it at least once and it’s not hard to cure …if you know how.

Have you been told that your character is a “Mary Sue” because they have cool traits? RUBBISH.

Or that “Mary-Sue” means any awesome female character? NONSENSE.

Or that admitting Mary-Sues are badly written and need improvement is anti-feminist? BULLSHIT.

This book has real advice about how to make your awesome character with all those cool traits actually work. And you know what? With a little chicken soup and love, any story can overcome Mary-Sue Disease and star a well-rounded, awesome protagonist.

Buy Now RRP $20

6 x 9 inches (152 x 229mm)
Paperback: 194 pages
Inspector Faerie Publishing

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