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Blind Date with a Book

… how will it end?

Our purpose is to infuse a bit of fun, frivolity, and serendipity into the busy daily lives of readers.
By not judging books by their covers, means readers can find books to love, ones that they might never have picked up otherwise.

We’ve wrapped up some great books that we think you’ll enjoy.

The instructions are simple:

A new book by a kiwi author wrapped in brown paper. Each of the books includes a short intriguing hint to help guide your connection.
Come into the shop to browse the display of wrapped books and judge each one, not by their cover, but by their descriptions.
Once you have found a book that peaks your interest, bring it to the counter and for $20 you get to take your date home. Then, the true identity of your match will be revealed when you unwrap your book.

For those of you who cannot get into the shop – go to the Buy Now page put down the genre you like in the text and your blind date will be posted out to you.

P.S. We’ve made sure all the books are good and they cover different genres.

Rate your date –

If you find true love with your book share your story by posting a selfie with your book either on Facebook or on Twitter or Instagram and share it with us (Twitter tagging @writers_plot).

Writing Competition: The Scarf

Announcing the winners of The Scarf short story competition: Congratulations!

1st place: The One from Chatuchak Market by Nikki Crutchley
2nd place: Rose and Sharleen by Janet Pates
3rd place: Profile by Angie Barrett

Read the winning stories  the-scarf-short-stories – download the .pdf