This website is in the process of being closed down.

To view our Books, courses, authors, find out what’s happening  and to Shop online you need to use our new website

Writer’s Plot Bookshop

As an incorporated society we rely on support from authors, readers and the local community.

Not a reader or have too many books already? Then how about a donation to help us keep going through Givealitte. Anyone at anytime can donate – any amount is appreciated.

Have your say as a member of the Inc Soc.

We currently need more volunteers to help us run the shop, we are a friendly team and you get to meet really interesting people. We value any time you can committee to being in the shop, email us or phone us if you what more information.

An Application form can be downloaded and completed, then either scanned and emailed to us or posted. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Unable to commit to being a member? Then visiting us and purchasing a book helps keep us going. We sell new books and we will order in books if you can’t find them.

Authors and Publishers

If you are an indie author or publisher who has books and you would like them in the shop – please contact us by email or via facebook. The consignment contract is found on the About Us page.

6 Responses to Events

  1. I’m looking forward to making contact with you. You’ve been recommended to me by Trish McCormack. I’m sure yesterday was a really worthwhile and entertaining event.

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  2. Rosemary Crawford-Hool says:

    Had a good afternoon with Caro today, making sure all our books were on Kindle and Amazon, filled in the about the author so now looking forward to making some sales. Thank you Caro.

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  3. Rosemary Crawford-Hool says:

    Thanks for your help today Caro, our books are now all on kindle as well as Amazon. Thanks for your help Caro.

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  4. christina richter says:

    Hello I have just written a new book named Learn to Self-Heal and was wondering if you would be interested in it. I am in Wellington till next tuesday if you would like to meet. thank you


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